So, I decided to de-facebook myself and my activities. If I waste so much time with facebook I might as well waste it in my blog, install adsense and make some money out of it. Can’t say that happened, since wordpress doesn’t support Adsense.

But blogspot does. It’s Google powered too, and it’s easier to use.

Thus sprokt now has a nice new happy home at http://www.sprokt dot blogspot.com. Fun. Updates on the conclusion of my license plate quest will be posted there, and this website will be closed in 3 weeks.


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Tiff Scares Jason Plato

How? Check it out:

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Introducing Studeria Molina

Apparently, Scuderia Molina has a film division now. Now the Scuderia responsible for shenanigans like the Molina Special and the Kaplan Racing System SM twins is also called Studeria Molina, for those projects involving fancy moving pictures and such. I would like to thank in this special occasion my wonderful girlfriend Haley for this feat, as well as my family and my pet fish Kevin. And my new ficus Bonsai tree. And the Molina Special.

My super awesome great friend Alan (of The Sentimental Mechanic fame) Came up with the name. He only did it because he became famous in my last movie. I think it is %@$#^ awesome. PLEASE check his website on the blogroll right there —>

Great stuff in his blog, including his own shenenigans and the work that he’s been doing preparing for a certain 24 hours of Le Mons. I will find a way to put my Vimeo channel on the sidebar next to the blogroll, but I don’t feel like doing that right now.


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New video! Gee, I’m pumping out these video rolls like crazy. Someone hire me!

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Don’t Stop Screaming and Explode!

Raw, unadulterated version of the Shut Up and Explode video. Fun, fun.

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Shut Up and Explode!

New video is up on Vimeo! Enjoy.

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The Zombie Mazda Dealership.

Alright guys, sorry for the recent lack of updates. School and work got in the way. Time to address the Mazda of Naperville issue once more.

Thanks to your interest and comments on my Mazda of Naperville post, it appears that we have raised awareness of the Mazda of Naperville problem and more then 60 cases related to it were open at the secretary of state police. However, this is the extent of my knowledge. Apparently, the SOS police only has one investigator working on the case, and that is Mr. James Fox. (I would like to confirm this with you guys if possible.) It’s been more then a year already and every week I call I am promised that the case will be resolved shortly. It is my belief that the SOS police is working slowly and leisurely at their own pace, as even simple cases like mine (Which only require the cancellation of a title and reissuing it in my name) are taking a ridiculously long time. I had the opportunity of selling my car for a profit a few weeks ago and had to skip on it since I did not have my title.

My patience has reached it’s limit. If anyone is close to resolving or has resolved their cases, please let me know so I know Mr. Fox is making progress SOMEWHERE. Otherwise, it is definitely time to get together and start thinking in a class action lawsuit maybe even against the SOS police itself.

Thank you for your time;


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