Downers Grove – 2001 SAAB Viggen: No Swedish girl included :(

See this?


That’s a Saab Viggen, an awesome Swedish warbird.

Now, see this?


That’s a 2001 SAAB Viggen, a limited edition (Identified by the triangular badges on the front fenders of the car) and thus very rare, 225hp, and thus very fast, SAAB listed on SAAB Downer’s Grove for the awesome price of just under 8 grand. It is in a very good condition, interior is also spotless and it drives like a dream. The downside is the 88k miles, but it should be fairly reliable. GO GET IT and torque steer your way onto Swede heaven!

Click HERE for the dealer’s listing and click HERE if you’re weird and prefer Autotrader.
SAAB Downers Grove
217 Ogden Avenue ~ Downers Grove, IL 60515
TOLL FREE: 888.849.2959 | OUTSIDE US: 630.960.2000

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