Naperville – MINI Cooper S: Good price for a nice hot hatch!

Drove this little guy a long time ago, and it is still around. 15k gets you this 50k miles ’02 Mini Cooper S. If you need to know, ’02 was one of the good years, when the steering was still precise and the engine still German and supercharged instead of French and turbocharged (Darn snails.)  Interior is scratched at some points, but otherwise is pretty darn good for that hot hatch. Located at Continental Acura of Naperville. Your contact is Brian Magee. The proprietary flash format of the dealer’s website makes it impossible for me to upload pictures of the hatch, but I will get them. Eventually. 🙂 Click HERE to go to the dealer’s listing.


2275 Aurora Ave
Naperville, IL 60540
(630) 960-2100

Disclaimer.: As you noticed, a lot of these posts are for the Naperville region. Can’t help it, I live in the area. If you want to help me with the blog and form a team so we can cover a broader area, let me know.

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