Naperville – 2003 Acura NSX and my love for unique cars

So, Continental Acura of Naperville again delivers. A 29k miles, Spa yellow 2003 NSX for 60 grand. “60 grand?” the NSX specialist says. “The car is at the bottom of the depreciation curve right now! That’s too much!” Well, that’s true. BUT there is a catch. See that “Unique” in the post title? Yep. This is the only Acura NSX in the USA OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED by Acura. That makes the car pretty much unique, and the model year makes it carry a one year warranty. Fantastic. I love unique cars,  and for the uniqueness of the vehicle this is a fair price. The paint is not faded or thinned, it’s in fact in perfect shape. The interior is as sharp as it came from the factory, and the car is well treated by the dealer being the centerpiece of the Acura showroom floor. T top has no uneven seams, no signs of damage to any panels, no rust, brakes are still fine and perfectly shiny. The car had an aftermarket amplifier sound thing installed in the trunk, but the dealership thankfully removed it and returned to the original setup. N/A NSX’s are know for being extremely reliable  supercars and I personally saw a 1993 NSX with more then 130k daily-driven miles challenging my car at the turns of a local test track like if it was brand new and spoiling for a fight. Fantastic car, grab it before it goes! Your contact at Continental Acura is of course Brian Magee, very knowledgeable and charismatic guy. Tell him that Andre from Sprokt sent you and you will be treated very well, as is customary. I will be back there this week to take more pictures of the car and of the Mini Cooper, although I don’t think I should test drive the NSX and fill it’s interior with dirt from my boots. We all know how good the car is.

Only one picture for now. Consider it a teaser:


In case you can’t see right (Cell phone camera to blame) the serial # of the car is where it is supposed to be (on the door sill plate) and it reads 31000091.


2275 Aurora Ave
Naperville, IL 60540
(630) 960-2100

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