Thanks to the Internets: Naperville – ’01 Celica GTS

Mazda of Naperville has this nice little Toyota listed. 2001, 77k miles, for just under 8 grand. It is an automatic though, which could be a positive or a negative depending on how you see it. Celica GTS’s are really really light and have a generous 1.8L 180hp engine co-developed with Yamaha. If you’re a car nut then you should know that it’s the same engine that lives happily in the Lotus Exige and Elise, and that should be enough to convince you of the prowess of the 8400 RPM mill. 2001 is a good year for those ‘yotas, since the 2002’s had their redlines reduced from 8400 to 7800 RPM, thus drastically reducing performance. With Toyota comes the legendary reliability and the certainty of product quality. The seats are very comfortable, but also very supportive. Steering is responsive. Suspension is a little bit on the hard and crashy side, but it’s tolerable and can be described as comfortable for the true car enthusiast. If you don’t care for the racy bits, here’s one piece of interesting information: Those cars are not only relatively quick, but they also hang out in the 30 MPG zone. Pretty good, I say! A picture follows.


Your contacts are Nassim or Terry. Both great guys.

Mazda of Naperville

· 630-357-7755

· Naperville, IL

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