Quadrifoglio Verde: Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce – CA

What a great little car. I present to you a spotless California car. This Alfa seems to be in a great shape inside and out even including the correct floor mats. The Spider remained in production for almost three decades with minor changes on the beautiful Pininfarina body work and on the mechanics. The great news? This is a rare Quadrifoglio Verde, model sporting the famous Alfa green cloverleaf that sported with many aesthetic tweaks but it was otherwise mechanically identical to the standard Spider Veloce model. “With a 1962 cc double overhead cam, four-cylinder engine (North American models retained the Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection introduced for the 1982 model year except that the VVT mechanism was now L-Jet activated) and five-speed manual transmission.” This car in specific has only 20k miles and is going for just under 13 grand! Fantastico! Pictures follow as well as the seller’s info. Click here for the Autotrader ad.


A genuine Italian sports car for very little money; cars are at the bottom of the depreciation curve, use of the buyer’s market and get it while you can; it is rumored to be relatively reliable (For an Alfa); top goes down.


With a vehicle this old, expect top seal leaks under rain; It’s an old Alfa, I assume you already know what you’re getting yourself into.

For more info, watch this. Very informative (Although slightly annoying) series.


Monza Car


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