SAVE THIS NSX! 1991 Acura NSX- Tucson, AZ

Poor NSX. This car was mauled by his previous owner. The seller wants the car going for just under 20 grand. At 113k miles, it’s blue book value, but thanks to the distasteful modifications anyone can offer a lot less for the unoriginal vehicle. I would offer something on the ballpark of 16 grand, and believe me, that would be a great price for the car even though it has 113k miles (I won’t tire of telling people my story of when I saw a daily driven 1993 NSX with more then 130k miles and no mechanical problems yet.) The modifications are a two tone paint in black and “rally” blue, terrible exhaust tips and nameless chrome wheels. No interior pictures where provided, but from the outside pictures nothing seems abominable. The front and rear bumpers look stock. I would also like to note that the engine cover seem to be missing (Part that sits between the glass hatch and the engine.) and that the spare tire is very, very flat. Ride height seems to be stock though, and that’s good. If you decide to take a look at the car, check for body damage. The aluminum body panels of that car are very difficult to repair correctly and the two tone paint might have been applied to mask a hack job. All modifications seem to be reversible (The repaint would be the hardest part.) and with a little work you could have a beautiful NSX and save this car from impeding doom. Pictures and info follow, click here for the Autotrader listing.


Future classic; Honda reliability, car lasts forever; seems to be mechanically sound and the ride height is unaltered indicating that it is unlikely that any suspension mods were done.


Distastefully modified; no regards shown for originality of the vehicle by previous owner; modifications might be masking hidden body or mechanical defects; no pictures of the interior were provided; paint job could be of poor quality; Aluminum doesn’t rust, but it still corrodes. Paint job might be hiding extensive corrosion.

Contact Info:

Unique Imports Sales and Leasing


Tucson, AZ

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