Cheap (But Good) Supercar of the Week: 2005 Lotus Elise – Utah

Heck, it’s been difficult to find good car deals. I was in a roll two weeks ago, but right now the market seems to be thinning. Old cars that are already listed here appear over and over again (Sometimes at different dealers.) Cars are not selling, so people are not putting them up for sale which is absolutely logical. But I did find a handful of great cars to post here this week and I will keep searching. (Because… that’s what I do. Really. Ask my friends if you don’t believe me!)

What I have for you today dear supercar-loving reader (Aren’t we all?) is this beautiful blue Lotus Elise with 29,869 miles and for just $25,850, which is believe it or not cheaper then the used Toyota Prius you just bought. See, you only live once, so I say forget about being a sensible Prius-driving family person and get this thing. Give the Toyota to your wife, to your parents, to the bum down the street, who cares. The Elise is just as reliable (It does have the same Toyota engine that powers the Celica.) and very economical but way, way more fun then any other car. Granted you’ll probably have the noisiest, most uncomfortable commute to work EVER, so MAN UP. It will all be worth it by the time a sunny weekend comes and all the Ferraris wake up from hibernation and start hitting the tracks.

Autotrader ad is right HERE. Pictures follow.

Specialties Auto Group, LLC


Jared Thompson

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