From the time Supras where still Celicas: 1982 Toyota Supra – Pontiac, MI

A long long time ago (From 1979 to 1986 to be exact.) The Toyota Supra and Celica where the exact same car. The second generation Supra as this example was nothing but a high performance designation of the Celica lineup, and in Japan they where known as the Celica XX. Relatively light, (3000 lbs.) pretty powerful at the time, (2.8L inline 6, 145 hp) sporting a Lotus-tuned suspension and with a slick 5 speed manual transmission, those cars where relatively successful in their home land but not as much over here, where the Supra success started with the third generation (Mark III) and culminated with the Mark IV due to the diabolical abortion denominated “Fast and Furious”. This 1982 car seems a little beat up and has a LOT of miles (147,357 thousand of them miles.) but it is definitely dirt cheap, (Just under 1600 grand, a very negotiable price too.) a future classic, (Unfortunately, we’ll have to thank the kids of “Fast and Furious” and their tricked out rides for that. Blasphemy.) and a very rare car. Well, I know what you’re thinking. You’re screaming terrible things like “How can you recommend something like that? I am very sure it will blow up the moment I sit my ass on those (nicely bolstered and blue) SEATS!” But think of the car as a VERY good project car. I clearly see a good autocross machine or a nicely done restoration. And if you’re really bothered with the age of that engine, I have 2 words for you: 2JZ swap! Click HERE for the original Autotrader ad.


Original wheels; original interior (Like it or not); original engine seems to be in great shape (Again, like it or not. Mostly not.) Cheap car; It’s a Toyota, thus it can be a fairly reliable project.

(Don’t be scared if the engine burns oil! “The engine had the unfortunate weakness of poor valve seals. This allowed oil to get into the combustion chamber and technically “burn oil.” This was often misconstrued as having worn piston rings and needing a rebuild.”)


Too old; too rusty; blue interior; parts availability; high maintenance (Possibly.)

VOA Auto Sales


John Bindas, Director

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