Tesla Model S – REVEALED! An electric car that goes zoom and stuff.

OK, so finally the Tesla Whitestar Model S was revealed, and SURPRISE: It’s a looker!

It also happens to be an electric car, good news for the electric car lovers and great news for those who believe in a multi-fuel future like yours truly, a wonderful world fueled by renewable energy of all kinds and, of course, our old friends cheap gasoline cheap diesel and cheap propane/butane. All hail CHOICE!

The Tesla S might be another tangible step towards sustainability and more fuel options, although I stand skeptical of the whole battery technology behind electric cars (I seriously don’t feel like spending over 7k a year to replace all my car’s batteries.) in general. One other negative point is that Tesla itself is dead or alive, at the brink of bankruptcy. And the funny thing? The sedan is pretty much as quick as the Tesla roadster. Click here for the Autoblog release.

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