Just Another Neon: Neon SRT-4 – Naperville, IL

People have been complaining that there is not enough American iron here in this blog. Well then, here’s a good one. (Although not exactly of the American iron kind.) This Neon SRT-4 with just 63k miles is advertised at Bill Jacobs BMW for just under 12 grand. It’s a great little car, and it’s sporting a nice color too! (Orange Blast Pearl.) It doesn’t seem to be 100% original, although I wouldn’t worry too much with that, Bill Jacobs offers great service.

Click here for the ad, the Vin # of the car is 1B3ES66S05D113752


Quick; factory turbo; practical.


Used examples are usually mechanically beat up (Thank you boy racer culture!); the car is obviously not stock; low thread on the front tires; I am not familiar with the reliability of the SRT-4’s, but I had a really bad experience with a standard Neon.

Bill Jacobs BMW

1564 W. Ogden Ave

Naperville, IL 60540

(888) 457-0358

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