RIP Mazda of Naperville.

One more was taken from us, but I have little remorse. Mazda of Naperville used to e-mail me great car deals for this website, and now it is no more. According to the notices posted on the doors of the dealer they are temporarily closed due to a factory audit. Temporarily? Not according to the owner (Excerpt from the Naperville Sun)

March 15, 2009

Those looking for service or sales Friday at the local Mazda dealership in Naperville were greeted with a handmade sign, a dark store and no staff.

Calling it “a gut wrenching experience,” owner Russ Darrow, 45, told The Sun Friday afternoon that because of cash flow problems and the inability to secure capital, the Naperville Mazda dealership on Aurora Avenue was closing its doors until further notice.

“We’re looking to prepare a statement we might release next week, but for now, I can tell you that we’ve worked closely with our floor plan lenders trying to secure capital loans,” Darrow said. ” … Securing credit in the current market is extremely difficult. “We took steps a few months back hoping to ‘stem the tide’ as it were, but it wasn’t enough.”

Cash flow problems began to surface last fall when the Mazda dealership as well as other car dealers throughout the country saw seasonally adjusted average sales figures tank after Sept. 15. “The financing and banking industry began to show the signs of pressure after that as well, and as the economy continued to collapse, there were all the elements of what people are calling ‘the perfect economic storm’ we have now,” Darrow said.

While no dealership seems to be setting sales records, some of Mazda’s neighbors, including the Jacobs BMW and Lexus of Naperville, still seem to be holding their own. Jacobs continues to build a new facility, and Lexus’ general sales manager Bill Kuniej credits the local dealership’s success with “new product in the pipeline and customer loyalty.”

Darrow tried to raise capital by selling off another dealership in Augusta, Ga., but the proceeds were only enough to pay off the local manufacturer and creditors there.

See, thing is I bought a car in full from Mazda of Naperville two months before the dealer closed it’s doors. And I have YET to see my title. That should show the kind of professionalism that made those guys loose so many clients to begin with. Either ways, rumor has it that Bill Jacobs will buy the thing, and his BMW dealer is fantastic. Let’s all hope for the best.

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24 Responses to RIP Mazda of Naperville.

  1. Itzell Ruggiero says:

    Thanks to the information here provided I got the name of the owner of Mazda that close and didn’t pay Enterprize for the rentals offer when you have a service of your car. Now that this is done Enterprize charge ME for a rental that Mazda was suppose to pay, and because it took them about a month to fix the car, that i got from them also, they just got a charge for $570.00 dlls to my account. Mazda is not responsable because it is a private dealer, the extended warranty don’t apply cause the never summit the form, so they don’t cover my rental, and the rental try to collect from Mazda and since they couldn’t they charge now the CUSTOMERS. Thank you Sun of Naperville for the information and help with this

  2. pocketace says:

    I’m glad I could help. Hopefully your situation will be solved quickly unlike mine. If you need anything else just contact me.

  3. Itzell Ruggiero says:

    My situation still not resolve, I been googling the owner name to get more informatin, but I never saw or talk with the owner and half of my mortgage is gone since they collect the 570.00 for the rental. Nobody can help, and I don’t know what i’m going to do

  4. pocketace says:

    Give a call to the Secretary of State Police office. They are handling everything related to my case, so they might help you too.

    Secretary of State Police
    110 E. Adams
    Springfield, IL 62701
    Phone: (217) 782-7126

    Good luck! Let me know if it works out.

    • Lindsey says:

      me Too..bought a mazda 6 from mazda of naperville..soon after my purchase they closed their doors and never sent my title to bmw alphera financial. Only found out when I could not renew my record of my car. Then literally the day after I filed my complaint with the secretary state police dept. I totaled my car. Luckily I had temp plates..but imagine the headache of trying to explain that mess to an insurance company.

  5. mazda x2 says:

    If Bill Jacobs buys it then he’ll be getting back what he sold. Naperville Motors bought the Mazda dealer from Bill Jacobs in 2003. I bought an MPV from them in ’02 then they told us the Mazda dealership was being sold. At that time Naperville Motors was very high end. He was an approved Saleen dlr. He had Lambo’s, Ferrari’s, Saleen S7, and many other high-end cars. But he quickly realized he needed a consistent flow of money, thus he bought Mazda from BJ… circle of life man, it comes back around… but I will say i ended up buying my next Mazda (’09 3i) @ Pugi in Downers… they are very good

  6. pocketace says:

    I remember the time when Naperville Motors sold those exotics. I remember being there with my father to look at some Mazdas (We ended up buying a Jeep though!) and drooling over a Testarossa on the center display of the dealer.

    But yes, according to other blogs and some newspapers (I need to find those sources for you) BJ wants to reacquire the dealership. It’s funny how everything is cyclic.

    I’ve heard good things about Pugi in Downers Grove, but it is kind of far from that little Ogden Avenue niche of dealerships. If Bill Jacobs Mazda is reactivated it will be ultimately much more practical.

  7. Paul O'Donoghue says:

    Hi Guys,
    I bought a new CX9 just before this dealer went bust. I was swindled by the theif in the Finance office.
    I added a DVD player and it stopped working. How will I get it fixed as it’s an aftermarket product? They said it has a full 3 year 36k warranty.

  8. pocketace says:


    If I were you I would start by calling Pugi Mazda in Downers Grove. (888-392-4499) and see if they can help somehow. If not, I would call Mazda USA and see if they can help you.

    Remember that your case is different then mine and a little more similar to Itzell’s, so Mazda USA might find a way to make things work when regarding warranty services, maybe just by transferring the warranty service to Pugi Mazda. If they can’t do anything about it they will direct you to get in contact with the Secretary of State Police (info posted above) and will instruct you to open a case.

    Keep us updated.

    Andre (Sprokt staff)

  9. Frank says:

    I cancelled my extended warranty before the dealer closed. They cancelled my warranty and gave me the receipt. Then then the dealership closed. I called Mazda customer service and they said that the warranty has been cancelled but they don’t know where the funds are. They were supposed to credit the funds back to me but so far I haven’t seen any money.

  10. pocketace says:


    This is one of the drawbacks in dealing with a big company. If they have the opportunity not to do something to a client, they will take it. You need to call Mazda and insist, keep pressuring, otherwise they will take the easier path and just forget about your problem. There are no excuses, the extended warranty is provided by Mazda, so Mazda HAS to refund your money.

    Hopefully those crooks at Mazda of Naperville are being dealt with. The amount of cases regarding that dealer are staggering.


    Andre (Sprokt staff)

  11. Kat says:

    I just tried to renew my plates on the Mazda I had purchased in March and found they never registered my vehicle, nor transferred my plates. Chase Bank (the financier of the car loan) does not have the title on file. Imagine if I had been pulled over!I have called MazdaUSA and they refuse to get involved in the situation, hiding behind the “we’re franchised and not responsible” story. They sent me an “owner’s card” and continue to send me ownership materials with the VIN number on it, so I KNOW they have materials relevant to this case.

    I have sent a complaint to the Atty General, who sends me to the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State Police don’t seem to answer their phone, and have not returned my messages.

    Here’s hoping we get a quicker resolution. Wanna team up?

  12. pocketace says:


    The SOS Police will NOT return your calls. Leave your politeness outside and call over and over again until they pick up. Eventually they will direct you to come to their office and fill out a complaint form. You should do so. If possible, go straight to the SOS office (District 1) before attempting another call. Before you go legal, you need to start a SOS investigation.

    The new Mazda of Naperville opened last month under the Continental name. Many of the older employees are still there, although unable to help since the new dealership has a different owner and all the foreclosure material (Titles, records, etc…) are back in the ownership of the bank.

    Again, if I were you I would activate the SOS police and see what they will do. Your situation is different then mine, it might end sooner. The SOSP told me my case might be finished in a year, but that it is unlikely that I will not see my title. If things don’t work out on your side and mine we should definitely team up and bring this whole thing down.


  13. Lindsey says:

    Same thing happened to me with my plates. Already called around yesterday and got to talk to the secretary of state police. hopefully I’ll be able to talk to the investigator sometime today to get this straightened out. what a nightmare..I guess I should call up who financed my car and make sure they have the title while I’m at it…..

    • Jones says:

      Same story – I’m dealing with the SOS. I had no idea I was in this mess until the SOS sent me a letter saying that Mazda of Naperville was applying for a title to my car. Really? I’ve been making payments to the bank! The SOS told me that my car was not registered. Really? The state took my money for the sticker. I’m in a mess. HELP!

      • Lindsey says:

        Yep..that’s what happened to me..luckily..i guess..if u call out that I totaled my car and american family ins. Had to apply for duplicate title..they got the title and sent me my check

  14. Jeff says:

    Like Lindsey and Kat, I discovered that Mazda of Naperville had not filed any paperwork with the state when I tried to renew my registration. I spoke with the SOS in Villa Park today and they told me that there are hundreds of complaints coming in about this dealership. Hopefully after being assigned to an investigator things will work out, but we shall see.

  15. Bolanka says:

    Really you writing very well. Thanks for good informations.

  16. pocketace says:

    Thank you very much for your interest and your comments to the Mazda of Naperville post. Thanks to it we raised awareness of the Mazda of Naperville problem and more then 60 cases related to it were open at the secretary of state police. However, this is the extent of my knowledge. Apparently, the SOS police only has one investigator working on the case, and that is Mr. James Fox. (I would like to confirm this with you guys if possible.) It’s been more then a year already and every week I call I am promised that the case will be resolved shortly. It is my belief that the SOS police is working slowly and leisurely at their own pace, as even simple cases like mine (Which only require the cancellation of a title and reissuing it in my name) are taking a ridiculously long time. I had the opportunity of selling my car for a profit a few weeks ago and had to skip on it since I did not have my title.

    My patience has reached it’s limit. If anyone is close to resolving or has resolved their cases, please let me know so I know Mr. Fox is making progress SOMEWHERE. Otherwise, it is definitely time to get together and start thinking in a class action lawsuit maybe even against the SOS police itself.

    Thank you for your time;


    (this comment will be reposted as a brand new post.)

    • Jones says:

      I have the same investigator – no results… I get temporary plates to put on my car every 3 months. I have called the office several times with questions and to get new temporary plates, but have not spoken to the investigator, despite repeated messages. This situation is unacceptable! I did what I was suppose to do! When is the SOS going to step up and do what they are suppose to do?

      • Lindsey says:

        I totaled my car. Though an accident and I miss my did get rid of the headache for me

    • Lindsey says:

      Yes, investigator fox is who was investigating my case as well.

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