Florida Double Trouble – ’63 Split-Window Vette/ ’55 Bel Air

Let’s start by thanking my friend at the 2gstratus.org forum OAC for these tips. He always comes up with the good stuff!

And now, to the ‘Vette. The ad seems to be trying to sell a 1963 Split Window coupe, but the advertisement itself was beautifully written and is extremely detailed (Note the sarcasm attempt.)

orignal a;c needs a few things and cleaned up starts estate car from up north could use a paint job runs good we trailed it down to our home relative died clear ohio title

  • Location: melbourne beach
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Although this could more a sign of the seller’s laziness, or how he or she is somewhat of an amateur and not used to selling cars. That would work well with the “relative died” back story, as well as the completely insane price of almost 100k dollars. Even older split windows in fantastic conditions barely crack the 80k barrier. There are lots of other split window ads out there and you could use those as an effective argument to lower the car’s price significantly.

One other thing to keep in mind: The car came from “up north.” (Great lakes region? Canada? ALASKA?) So check for rust and any other possible water and snow damage.

So, in conclusion: A somewhat of a barn find Corvette in Florida that apparently has the original paint, but is dangerously overpriced: Sounds like a Sprokt kind of car.

Have at it my car vultures. Click here for the ad, and the only picture is right down there:

And now to the Bel Air.

Beautiful 1955 Chevy Bel Air, 4 door post, 265 V-8 with overdrive. Additions bra, car cover, lock for steering wheel, fire extingusher, 4 bias tires with rims ,wide white walls for shows. Nothing to do but get in and drive and look good doing it!!! $18,000.00 or OBO

  • Location: Cocoa, FL
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

This facelifted first generation Bel Air sounds like a good deal, and for a great price too. I believe that the fin-less design of the rear section makes this Bel Air the most attractive, followed closely by the pre-facelift first generation car which sported that fantastic windshield sun visor. The 265 V8 was an option at the time, so that’s definitely a big plus.

Future collectible? Definitely. Click here for the ad.

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