“Corvette, Stuff It!”

Stumbled upon this beauty thanks to a comment on Jalopnik followed by a “Corvette, STUFF IT” under the picture. Proper. 

Plymouth XNR

By: Dave Schultz (aka BK) – January 18, 2002, from http://www.moparstyle.net

  • XNR is named after its designer – Virgil M. Exner (XNR = Exner)

  • Ghia in Italy pounded out the body

  • It was released for the Show circuit in 1960

  • The color was Red

  • I was powered by a 200HP Six-Banger. Haven’t been able to find out if it was a Slant Six or not.

  • The wheelbase was 106”

  • The 1961 Valiant looks to have some of the styling cues of this car – especially the trunk lid (less the fin) and size.

  • It was being built during the time when Exner was frustrated with what was happening to his 1963 designs.


    More info on http://www.moparstyle.net/history/xnr.htm

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