New McLaren

So, the McLaren F1 substitute is finally revealed, and that once P11 now MP-whatever thing comes with a brand new, in house developed V8. I am VERY underwhelmed. I KNOW, you are now shaking your fist at the screen screaming: “But ANDRE, the car is not meant to substitute the holy chariot itself!” Well, when McLaren releases official pictures as such:

…with that MP-Whatever-C next to the goddess herself AND sporting the same McLaren-orange color, McLaren’s intents with the car are clear. The design is bland, especially next to it’s Italian competitors. McLaren argues that the design is “subtle” given the current car buying atmosphere, like if you drove a car with an aggressive design echoing speed, uniqueness, and dynamic driving (like the Ferrari 458) you would be stoned by environmentalists. Well, in this case eco-terrorists. 😉

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