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Sometimes, Fear is the Appropriate Response

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Photographer With Empty Skull, Balls of Steel Never Stops Shooting

See that guy on the left side, right behind the concrete barriers? He’s a photographer. When confronted with a crashing and tumbling nitro fueled funny car, he barely takes a step back and never stops snapping pictures. To see his fantastic photographs click HERE.

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Based on a True Factual Fact 1

I’ll try to post these once a week or so. I’ve made so many but never posted…

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VIDEO – Looks, Tries to Touch. Unable to. Cries.

Probably my ultimate object of desire. I’ve driven supercars before, I’ve definitely looked at supercars before.

But this is my unicorn.

Never seen one. Never touched one. And I long for the day I’ll take it for a drive.

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To the Blogroll: The Sentimental Mechanic

Dear minions;

I just added a new page to the blogroll. It belongs to my good friend Alan and it’s a great little website, make sure to check it out. 

The Sentimental Mechanic @ Blogspot


The Overlord.

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Driving Slow on Sunday (Morning?)

Yesterday I spent the entire day with the very significant other. The day ended around 8:30 P.M. We were at Borders and the place was closing for the day. I was pretty tired for whatever reason (I guess driving in general is tiring, my transmission is grumpy because of the cold. And I had a puncture wound on my right foot due to me stepping on a conveniently placed sharp staple.) so we decided to just drive around with no destination and chat. It was the perfect ending for an already great day. 🙂

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